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Enjoy an immersive video experience that captures the heart and soul of this wonderful city.  

We start with a walking tour of Cambridge, exploring many of the famous landmarks and University Colleges. 

We then leave the cobbled streets and experience punting in Cambridge as we glide languidly along the Backs.  


You will be accompanied on your tour by an expert Cambridge tour guide who is with you every step of the way. 

Your guide brings the wonders of the city to life, combining historical insights with memorable anecdotes.  

Time is taken at each landmark to appreciate the architecture on display with close-up and panoramic shots provided.  

Mathematical Bridge and punting on the river in Cambridge UK


Your tour can be watched on your laptop, phone, TV or any streaming device of your choosing. 

You will have lifetime access and you can view your tour at anytime of the day from anywhere in the world. 

Discover why Cambridge is one of the most beautiful places in England.  Experience its beauty without leaving your home. 

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Our happy customers

Joseph & Rosemary, New York

"We loved the visuals and were drawn in by the narrator's voice. Anyone planning a trip to Cambridge will find it very helpful and their interest in Cambridge will grow after watching. For those of us who love English culture, this tour is a treat."

Malcolm & Amy, San Francisco

"A wonderful tour and such a great way to explore the city.  We would love to be able to travel to Cambridge.  Until we can, this is definitely the next best thing."

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Jerry & Ali, Essex, UK

"This is certainly not a dry & dusty sightseeing tour. The photography is beautiful and we particularly enjoyed the anecdotal stories. We will definitely enjoy dipping into it over the years to come, prior to our visits to Cambridge."


Bike in front of St Johns College Cambridge University UK

Why should I take a virtual tour of Cambridge?

Our Cambridge virtual tour can help you experience the wonders of the city without leaving your home. We have heard from customers who were unable to travel to the UK who are now able to experience the next best thing.  Closer to home, local residents have enjoyed our tours and now plan on sharing their newly acquired knowledge with visiting family and friends.

For those unsure on the merits of the city, we can help confirm why you should visit Cambridge, one of the most magical places to go in the UK.  Once booked, plan your itinerary by previewing the city beforehand. On arrival, you have your very own self-guided walking tour of Cambridge.

What is so special about you?

As a company, we have a deep affection and passion for Cambridge and consider it one of the most beautiful places in England.  Our local expertise dates back over 50 years to the class of 1967 at Trinity College Cambridge.  We are proud to provide a virtual tour experience high on quality and value and we are pleased that this has resonated with our customers to date. 

How can I watch my tour?

You can watch your virtual tour of Cambridge on your TV, laptop, phone or any streaming device of your choosing and it can be viewed as many times as you like.  The tour is available immediately and you will have unlimited access.  You can also use your virtual tour as a self-guided walking tour of Cambridge.  Simply download our free Cambridge walking tour map and follow the route highlighted as you listen to the commentary provided by our Cambridge tour guides.  

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Punting on the river in Cambridge at Kings College Cambridge University UK

What is Cambridge famous for? 

Cambridge is famous because of the University, the 2nd oldest in the English-speaking world. The University Colleges are world-renowned and each have their own place in the hearts of those who have studied or visited there. Cambridge is well-known for its famous alumni and the 109 Nobel Prize Winners it has produced.

The fierce rivalry between Cambridge and Oxford is famous the world over with both cities among the most beautiful places in England.  Finally, no weekend in Cambridge would be complete without trying its most famous pastime - punting.

What are the sights to see in Cambridge? 

To visit Cambridge is to be spoilt for choice with much to offer the most seasoned visitor.  The most popular sights to see in Cambridge are King’s College Chapel, the Fitzwilliam Museum and the backs (best enjoyed by punting on the river in Cambridge).  Other popular sights include the Mathematical Bridge, the Bridge of Sighs, the Corpus Clock and any one of the Cambridge Colleges.  We visit all of these places and more on our Cambridge virtual tour.

Is it better to visit Cambridge or Oxford?

It is better to visit Cambridge rather than Oxford as it offers a more tangible and historic experience than its more modern looking rival.  Both are among the most beautiful places in England, however a weekend in Cambridge offers so much more.  Punting on the river in Cambridge is a more magical experience with a greater number of iconic landmarks on display. As the city is smaller and easier to navigate, you can fit the best sights to see in Cambridge into one day of sightseeing.

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Your Cambridge experience

An interview with Ayala

This month we interview Ayala, a recording artist who grew up in Cambridge and travel restrictions notwithstanding, splits her time between London and Mexico.

Find out who Ayala would like to share a punt with and discover her favourite places in Cambridge to visit.

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Virtual tour of Cambridge - your tour in detail

Visiting Cambridge has never been easier as you travel through history on a punting and walking tour of Cambridge.  Accompanied by an expert Cambridge tour guide, you will discover why Cambridge is one of the most beautiful places in England to visit.

Your Cambridge tour guide shares their passion for the city and provides a captivating and insightful commentary throughout.  Over 105 minutes, they bring the city and its famous landmarks to life, combining historical expertise with memorable stories and anecdotes.  

We start with a walking tour of Cambridge as we explore its cobbled streets.  You will discover one of the largest concentrations of preserved historic buildings in the UK with many colleges unchanged in centuries.

You will visit the very best sights to see in Cambridge with time taken to appreciate the intricacies of the architecture on display.  These include King’s College Chapel, the Old Cavendish Laboratory, the Round Church and the Corpus Clock.  As well as visiting many of the Cambridge Colleges, you will also discover the lesser known but equally fascinating hidden treasures of the city that you won't find in a guide book. 

Your walking tour of Cambridge is also an opportunity to tread in the footsteps of the famous Cambridge alumni who studied at the University. As well as visiting their colleges, you will learn about their many achievements and escapades.

You will also discover where so many profound scientific discoveries were made, from splitting the atom to cracking the DNA code.  As you progress through your walking tour of Cambridge, we explore the many historical links between the city and the rest of the world.

We then move from land to water and go punting in Cambridge.  Punting on the river in Cambridge provides a unique perspective of the city as we glide languidly along the backs and the beautiful college gardens.  

Many of the University grounds on display are not accessible to tourists visiting Cambridge and are only open to students and staff.  Punting provides that access and is the best way to enjoy some of the most iconic sights to see in Cambridge.

Expert commentary is again provided by your Cambridge tour guide with time taken to savour the many breath-taking sights on display.  These include King's College Chapel, the Mathematical Bridge, the Wren Library and the Bridge of Sighs. 

You can track your progress throughout your tour by downloading our free Cambridge walking tour map.  This highlights the best walking route for Cambridge and all landmarks visited.

If you are planning to visit Cambridge in person, you can use your virtual tour to plan your itinerary in advance.  Maximise every minute you spend in the city and have no regrets about what your weekend in Cambridge could have been.  

On arrival, you can use your virtual tour as a self-guided walking tour of Cambridge.  Explore the city at your own pace and follow the route on our Cambridge walking tour map while listening to the tour commentary.

The tour was filmed in the summer of 2020 by a professional film-maker.  There are extensive panoramic and close-up shots provided, allowing you to fully appreciate the many beautiful sights to see in Cambridge.

We believe that our punting and walking tour of Cambridge truly captures the heart and soul of this incredible city and we feel proud that so many of our customers feel the same way.  We hope that you agree and look forward to hearing how Cambridge has inspired you too.