Jess Pineda

As a regular visitor to Cambridge for a number of years, Jess tells us why Cambridge is so special to her.  As well as sharing her favourite photos of Cambridge, Jess also shares her favourite memories and recommendations.


Jess Pineda at Cambridge UK


Tell us about yourself

I currently live in Denver Colorado where I work as a marketing and sales director.  My passions include travel, reading, visiting bookstores and coffee shops all over the world and my plant babies!

What are you doing with your time at the moment?

It has been such a hard transition for me to go from being away at least once a month to not going anywhere but I have spent the majority of my time reading which has been incredible and sharing that love of books through my bookstagram @_wanderlustbookclub

Cambridge punting at University of Cambridge, Cambridge

What is your connection to Cambridge?

I don't have a personal connection to Cambridge aside from it being one of my favorite places to visit in England. I've been drawn to the university towns in the UK since I can remember and find them completely stunning, especially in contrast to the run down Brooklyn building I spent my college time.

What is your best memory of Cambridge?

My best memory of Cambridge is definitely seeing the Bridge of Sighs for the first time. It was spring and all of these gorgeous orange and yellow tulips where just blooming near it and it took my breath away.

the Bridge of Sighs Cambridge, St John's College Cambridge University

Who would you like to share a punt with and why?

Honestly I'd love to share a punt with one of my best friends from New York, Missy. I just know it would be a dream come true for her and for me it would be a good laugh to watch her attempt to navigate it.

What is your favourite place to visit in Cambridge and why?

Aside from Bridge of Sighs I would say the haunted bookshop. How can you resist an adorably small book shop with a name like that?

The Haunted bookshop Cambridge UK

Was there anything you discovered about Cambridge that surprised you?

The botanical gardens were just a beautiful surprise, I completely fell in love with them and thought they had an impressive collection of plants.

What is the one thing in Cambridge that everyone visiting should do?

Ride a bike through Cambridge. It's the one thing I've not done yet but will do on my next visit I feel like it's the quintessential Cambridge experience.

the streets of Cambridge UK

Why should someone visit Cambridge?

Beautiful architecture, history, great food and drink and if that doesn't persuade you I don't know what will. Plus it has all the feels of the perfect city escape but is only a short train ride away from London!

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