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Katya is a regular visitor to Cambridge having fallen in love with the city by chance after a business trip.  As well as sharing her favourite photos of Cambridge, Katya also shares her favourite memories and recommendations. 

Katya in Cambridge UK


Tell us about yourself

I moved to London from Russia more than 6 years ago and instantly fell in love with the city.  I was spending almost every weekend exploring different neighbourhoods and taking photos. That’s when I started paying a bit more attention to Instagram which later became one of the main things I do today.  I have always loved photography and London is so photogenic!  Like many other people, I also like to travel and so I started exploring the UK which opened up a whole new world to me. 

I’m totally in love with medieval English towns, the villages of the Cotswolds and the countryside of this country.  I spent 4 years working at different roles at a global language learning company before pursuing full time travel photography and blogging.  At the moment I live in NW London with my husband, 1 year old son, and whippet.

What are you doing with your time at the moment?

Since last August I’ve been on ‘maternity leave’ but I have been doing some client work - photography for social media channels and Instagram campaigns. Unfortunately, the industry I work in was hit very hard by the pandemic and everything has been put on hold. I also have an Etsy shop - KatyaJacksonPrints where I sell prints of the UK.

At the moment I’m working on expanding my product line within the shop and it’s really exciting.  I’m happy to see that the travel industry is slowly getting back to normal and that means new contract opportunities for me. I hope to resume exploring the UK as much as possible given the current circumstances.

St John's College Cambridge University Cambridge UK


What is your connection to Cambridge?

I’ve visited Cambridge several times, and I’m actually thinking about staying there for a little bit this autumn. I wish I had the experience of being a student at one of the colleges but for now I enjoy exploring the city as a tourist.

What is your best memory of Cambridge?

My first visit to Cambridge was a half-day business trip. After all the meetings were done, we went for a guided tour around the city. It was a very cold November evening and I remember Cambridge looking magical in the light of the street lamps, almost like a scene from the Harry Potter films. I didn’t take any photos from that trip, but this memory is still very vivid.

King's College Cambridge University Cambridge UK


Who would you like to share a punt with?

I would love to share a punt with my family, including the dog. Sounds like a fun idea! Not sure if it’s suitable for toddlers though.

What is your favourite place to visit in Cambridge?

So hard to pick just one favourite place! When I think of Cambridge I imagine St John’s Street and the Bridge of Sighs accessing St John’s College. This part of the city attracts me the most because the architecture there is particularly stunning.

Was there anything you discovered about Cambridge that surprised you?

Before moving to the UK and getting to know all its different parts I was surprised that Cambridge University consists of different colleges spread across the city. I thought there was just one main building in the middle of the city and that’s it. I like the way it is because there are so many cute little corners and alleys to discover from one college to the next.

University of Cambridge, Cambridge UK


What is the one thing in Cambridge that everyone visiting should do?

My first thought was punting, but I haven’t done it myself yet. So I would say to have a picnic with the view of King’s College Chapel across the Cam river.

Why should someone visit Cambridge?

Cambridge is not only one of the most charming and beautiful cities in England, but also home to some of the most famous inventions in the world. This city has a special character like nowhere else. When walking at dusk you can easily imagine how Charles Darwin or Isaac Newton were walking the same streets as you but hundreds of years ago. I find it fascinating!

University of Cambridge, Cambridge UK

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