Laura Chingarie

Laura first visited Cambridge in 2015 and the city made such an impression it is now her home.  As well as sharing her favourite photos of Cambridge, Laura also shares her favourite recommendations. 

Laura in Cambridge UK

Tell us about yourself

After living in London for the last 20 years, I moved to Cambridge in early 2020 just before the first lockdown.  I currently work in online retail and I am attempting to finish writing my first novel. 

What are you doing with your time at the moment?   

As with a lot of people I struggled a bit with being at home all the time but I have tried to stay positive and keep myself busy by learning new skills, working on my writing and setting some positive health and career goals.  I can proudly say I make an impressive beef stew now!   I have also been having fun with my lifestyle blog.

Trinity College Cambridge University UK

What is your connection to Cambridge? 

I first came to Cambridge in 2015 for a day trip with a friend and ended up visiting some of the famous spots.  I fell in love with the city and its history but never thought I would end up making it my home 5 years later.

Who would you like to share a punt with and why?

Lady Whistledown from the Netflix show Bridgerton, I am a huge fan of the show so I would love to go on a punt with her so she can give me all the goss before the second series comes back.  If she was not available, then I would have to say Michelle Obama as she is someone I admire. 

Cambridge punting

What is your favourite place to visit in Cambridge and why?  

I would have to say it's a tie between the Orchard Tea Garden and Grantchester Meadows.  I am grateful to be able to take walks through the Meadows and take advantage of such an open space.  Knowing the history of the writers that have visited Orchard Tea Gardens, I always feel inspired when I get to visit it.  I can't wait to be able to fully enjoy being there once things get back to normal.

Was there anything you discovered about Cambridge that surprised you? 

Yes, that it has been voted one of the top safest cities in the UK and also the fact that is bicycle land here.  I was so surprised by the number of cyclists in the city and of course now I am one of them.  

Bikes outside St John's College Cambridge UK

What is the one thing in Cambridge that everyone visiting should do?  

It is a bit of an obvious one, but I would say it is worth paying for a guided punt.  I have been on a few and I learn something new about the city each time. 

Why should someone visit Cambridge? 

Because this city has a unique buzz.  It has a bit of everything for everyone if you are visiting as a group.  There is a rich history, excellent pubs and restaurants, activities and it is also one of the most romantic cities I have been to.

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