About Us

Our mission at Cambridge Virtual Tours is simple. We want to share the wonder of Cambridge with as many people across the world as possible and to make you fall in love with this magical city.  Our origin story goes back to Trinity College Cambridge and the class of 1967.  As well as HRH Prince Charles, the class also included one Pete Taylor, the original inspiration for our company.

Pete studied English at the University and relished his time living and studying in the city. In the summer months, Pete worked on the punts, introducing visitors from all over the world to the delights of punting at Cambridge. In 1970, Pete graduated from Trinity College Cambridge and thereafter dedicated his life to education, teaching generations of students across the region.  


Pete Taylor graduation at Trinity College University of Cambridge UK 


Whenever friends or family were visiting Cambridge, Pete took great pleasure in showing them around the city. In doing so, Pete laid the foundations for this company with his very own walking tours of Cambridge. Although his punters pole was at this point retired, Pete still enjoyed punting at Cambridge, albeit as a passenger in later years.

A charismatic and natural story-teller, Pete passed on his love and affection for Cambridge at every opportunity. Cambridge Virtual Tours was founded by a small group of family members and friends who share this deep affection for all things Cambridge. 


Pete Taylor at Trinity College University of Cambridge UK


Having lived, studied and worked in the city for most of our lives, we believe that Cambridge is one of the most magical places to visit in the UK. Over the years, we have entertained friends and family from all over the world, many of whom feel the same way.  Our light-bulb moment arrived when friends from San Francisco were unable to visit Cambridge due to family illness.  

The idea of them being able to experience the city without leaving their home was born.  We wanted to create an alternative solution for anyone who was unable to visit and allow them to explore the city streets and go punting at Cambridge. We also wanted to give those visiting Cambridge an opportunity to preview and plan their trip before arriving.




From the outset, our goal was to deliver a unique customer experience that lives long in the memory. We wanted to offer something different to the typical punting and walking tours of Cambridge. It was also important that we provided a more personal customer experience than that offered by most other virtual tours. With the help of a professional film-maker and some of the most experienced tour guides in Cambridge, we are proud to have achieved this.

We have taken great care to ensure that our punting and walking tours of Cambridge offer an immersive and enriching experience.  Our customers to date have agreed and they have told us it is the next best thing to visiting Cambridge in person.  We hope that you agree and we look forward to hearing how Cambridge has inspired you too. 


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