Our happy customers

"We loved the visuals and were drawn in by the narrator's voice. Anyone planning a trip to Cambridge will find it very helpful and their interest in Cambridge will grow after watching. For those of us who love English culture, this tour is a treat."  
Joseph & Rosemary, New York
"This is certainly not a dry & dusty sightseeing tour. The photography is beautiful and we particularly enjoyed the anecdotal stories. We will definitely enjoy dipping into it over the years to come, prior to our visits to Cambridge."
Jerry & Ali, Essex
"A fantastic virtual tour of Cambridge. I recommend you discover their beautiful walking tour through history. Now more than ever I want to visit your lovely and beautiful city."  
Alice, Granada
"A wonderful tour and such a great way to explore the city.  We would love to be able to travel to Cambridge.  Until we can, this is definitely the next best thing." 
Malcolm & Amy, San Francisco